Terms & Conditions

I / my / myself – references Shaun Banton, the owner and author of this website.

Client / Customer – reference the person or organisation employing myself for a service.


  1. Design drafts will be produced on Photoshop before any new websites are created.
  2. The draft will be presented to you before any coding is carried out.
  3. All changes are requested to be pointed out at this stage
  4. I will reserve the right to refuse large edits that were not asked to be changed on the design draft.

Domain Names

  1. Domain names are invoiced on a yearly basis.
  2. Invoices are required to be paid within 7 days of the date displayed
  3. Invoices are produced in good time before the domain name is due to renew
  4. On the event that payment is not received for the domain name I reserve the right not to renew that service
  5. Domain Names are the property of the client and not myself


  1. Hosting is charged on a monthly or yearly basis
  2. Hosting will not be charged until the full website is live
  3. The amount agreed will be invoiced on the same day every month/year
  4. Payment must be received within 7 days of the date displayed
  5. If payment is not received, 14 days after the date displayed, I reserve the right to suspend the hosting.
  6. If the client wishes to cancel and move the website they must give a minimum of 14 days notice
  7. If hosting is part of an offer or payment plan it may not be cancelled until the remaining balance is paid off


  1. Payment terms are 7 days for completed work unless agreed previously
  2. Bank Transfer is the only accepted method. (I am working on accepting debit & credit card payments)
  3. Payment plans must be paid as agreed.
    • If a monthly payment is missed I reserve the right to request full payment and/or cancel the agreement.
  4. For large projects I may request a 50% deposit. This deposit is non-refundable unless I cannot complete the project.

Search Engine Optimisation

  1. Results may vary depending on the search terms targetted and level of competition. If you are unhappy with this service please email me on shaun@shaunbanton.co.uk and I will do my best to resolve any issues.

Customer Satisfaction

  1. Please allow 48 hours to respond to emails during busy periods

It is my ultimate goal to have a fruitful and good relationship with all my clients. If for any reason you are disatisfied with a product or service, please email me on shaun@shaunbanton.co.uk