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To promote your business or company services, a brochure website design can often be the best cost effective solution. It’s a simple way to allow you to showcase your company’s services and what you do.

A brochure displays your services with words and images to offer to your customers. It can be also be a way to obtain more information on your services from social media pages.

What is a Brochure Website?

We’ve all picked up or been given a leaflet…right? A brochure website is basically a digital version. A website with all the information about your companies services all in 1 place.

A brochure website has the potential to be a create outlet for promoting your business on the internet.

Brochure Website Platforms

There are many ways to build a brochure site, however not all are easily customisable by the user.

I always create websites so that they can be edited by myself, and more importantly, by the end user. Although if required I can make edits to your website it’s always best to create it so that the end user can edit also.

With that in mind I create most of my website’s in WordPress. WordPress is not just a blog software…. It can also be used as a website software and, like eCommerce platforms, is an open source software. It has an integrated CMS (Content Management System) so pages, settings, images etc can be edited quickly and easily without any coding knowledge.

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